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What Is WordPress Digital Marketing?

WordPress Digital Marketing can make your business a lot easier to find and, you don't have to spend a lot of coin.

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Hi, I'm Matt.

I've helped some of the world's leading global brands turn their website into a revenue generating asset and I can help you too.

No matter how you advertise, potential customers validate your company using your website before they buy your services.

It's important that people can find your business online quickly and, easily see that you have a solution to their specific problem.

WordPress Digital Marketing can help you grow the life-changing business you envision. Start with free services you see here.

Why your service business needs a great website.

80% of consumers do online research before they buy and, 50% use their mobile phone.

If you advertise on the radio, there's an 80% chance listeners will visit your website first.

If you advertise on a billboard?   80% chance....

If you advertise in trade publications?   80% chance....

If you stand on a corner handing out flyers?   80% chance....

No matter how you advertise, customers validate your company using your website.

Great websites focus on customer experience (CX).

What makes a website CX great?

  • Professional appearance creates a great first impression.
  • Website information organized the way customers think (i.e. customer-centric).
  • Well-written / informative web page copy solves specific customer problems.
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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows customers to easily find you on Google.
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    Website branding consistent with other other channels.
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    Responsive Web Design - website works great on customer's mobile device.
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    Fast-loading web pages respond quickly to customer clicks and Google crawls.
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    Calls to action (CTAs) make it convenient for customers to connect.
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    Social media options make it easy for customers to share their experience.

Your expertise is your greatest marketing asset.

your expertise your best marketing asset

SEO based on your expertise and your location can increase your website traffic, generate high quality leads and help safeguard your business against the next economic downturn.

Your website tells your story.

You are what you've done.

Your services are what you want to do for your customers.

Your customer experience is how you do it and, ultimately, what determines your brand.

Your WordPress website uses these to connect customers to your brand and your services:

  • Legal services
  • Investment services
  • Family services
  • IT services
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    Accounting services
  • check
    Plumbing services
  • Real estate services
  • Insurance services
  • Food services
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    Engineering services
  • check
    HR services
  • check
    Electrical services
  • check
    Marketing services
  • Medical services
  • Government services
  • check
    Construction services
  • HVAC services
  • check
    Landscaping services

WordPress Digital Marketing benefits.

  • Higher quality leads.
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    Better advertising ROI.
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    Steady flow of new customers.
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    Safeguard against economic downturns.
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    Increased business efficiency.
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    More free time.
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